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July 3, 2017
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Sharing the in-betweens

Cities abound with in-between spaces. Such spaces are inadvertently born from the incessant diversification of a city’s components—the evolving roles of its urban core and suburban areas, its rapid globalization, and so on. Increasingly, it is important that we breathe new life into in-between spaces for the sake of resolving wide-ranging social needs and issues. If this is done through exchange and co-creation with visitors to the city, the result will be new public places possessing varying meaning and value.
For example: if we can redefine in-between spaces with visitors to the city in mind and design public spaces that encourage visitors to stay for a period, we can realize platforms for new sharing and exchange that will connect community development with economic revitalization. This competition seeks proposals for public spaces possessing varying meaning and value, realized through the sharing of urban in-between spaces. The proposals should imagine an actual place or space and take a scheme of operation or business as a basis.