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June 1, 2020
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[241] Void-Volume
Junya Yokoyama + Yu Uchikura (Japan)

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The empty trash can in your house - who knows where it goes?
The beautiful Tokyo which everyone admires for its cleanliness. - where has all the garbage been?
All the garbage has been used for landfilling in Tokyo Bay for more than 100 years to gain extra area. However, most of us have never been aware of its existence since all lands are covered by massive concrete and filled with a bunch of gigantic buildings.
The Truth is that Tokyo Bay has no more capacity for managing waste any more than 50 years, and what is worse, we do not have any innovative solution for this serious problem.
The primary objective of this project is to get people aware of this serious garbage issue of Tokyo. Instead of making a flat plane, we stack up all the garbage to design a mountain. We visualize the dynamism of waste to create a new landscape of Tokyo metropolis.
Tokyo may NOT need high-tech sustainable architecture, BUT the design which makes us re-think the garbage issue and transform it into a positive legacy of urbanism.
The “landschaft” we love will have become a symbol of sustainable urbanism. 


Yu Uchikura / left
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1995 / DLX Design Lab, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo

Junya Yokoyama / right)
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1994 / Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo