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June 1, 2020
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Miao Wang (USA)

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This design aims to create a lively community which not only reminds people of village life, but also synergizes with modern technology and green strategies. On one hand, the closed loop system inside the building encourages resource reusing and energy efficiency. On the other hand, people can spend time on their own “farm land” and participate in the cradle to cradle system. Here you may see people trading their farm products at a public platform, or vegetable remains being fed to fish. Every component is playing its critical role to stabilize and enrich the whole system. And unconsciously, talks and laughters will fill the place. Residents in this urban village finally leave behind the coldness of modern life.   


Miao Wang
Born in Hunan, China in 1995/ Graduated from Wuhan University in 2018/ Graduated from UCLA, M. Arch ll in 2019/ Currently working at BKBC Architects in USA